What if it is not interesting? What if no one reads it?

At first glance these may seem like fears or insecurities, those things that paralyze us into inaction, and in this life, inaction is public enemy number one. These are excuses. One of the easiest things to do in life is to make excuses, we are filled with them, we come up with new ones every day, some of us become masters of the excuse in order to feel like we are justified in going nowhere and doing nothing.

I will admit it, I am good at many things but I am most definitely not a good writer, I actually try my best to avoid writing anything. So I found this interesting and thought “…maybe I am not good at writing because I never write…” We master what we practice constantly. If we practice excuses, we will always be good at making excuses.

So I now consider writing to be a good and uncomfortable goal. I’ll publish some things and leave others for personal use. What if no one reads it? I am perfectly ok with this, it is not for you, it is for my own personal development.

Everything worth achieving requires a considerable amount of hard work and persistence, if you slow down or give up, you lose. Keep going.