FIERY – A game concept

A concept of a game asset for the game Clash Royale. It is a high health, slow moving vehicle that carries a container of dangerous lava and converts it into a stream of hot [...]

Inferno Tower render process

Here is the video that shows a part of the process of making a model of the Inferno Tower from the game Clash Royale, if you like this video please subscribe and tell your [...]

YouTube channel now available

The new youtube channel is now available, subscribe here  and leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Tell your friends about the channel and share the link. Thanks for your support!

The Apple Watch SE concept

A conceptual approach to the Apple Watch mixed with the aesthetics of the iPhone SE. I am one of those who loves the iPhone SE for its size, capabilities and its nice bezel. The idea [...]

I need to start writing more

What if it is not interesting? What if no one reads it? At first glance these may seem like fears or insecurities, those things that paralyze us into inaction, and in this life, inaction is public [...]

What is syndek?

syndek is a small project I started a few years ago, it focuses on creativity, productivity and self-development. The idea is that anything is possible if there is enough time and effort. However I have [...]